Our Philosophy

At Mudra we are about co-creating a unique, vibrant, welcoming and nurturing space founded on strong ethical and ecological principles. The values of connection and community are right at the heart of Mudra’s philosophy. Our ethos is founded on developing these principles by:

  • being student-centred and viewing each individual student as unique

  • creating a strong student community which in itself is a rich resource and source of support for individual students and the wider communities we engage with outside Mudra

  • making a commitment to students receiving the best possible training from committed and dedicated teachers at the top of their profession, teachers who are also lifelong students

Our massage training courses, yoga classes, workshops, events and talks have a focus on being interactive and experiential so that as a community and as individuals we can develop healthy modalities of being. By joining us you will discover new things about yourself, develop a deep participatory relationship with the wider world, make new friendships with people from a variety of backgrounds and start a lifelong connection with Mudra!


Our Aims

We aim to create a beacon of health and well-being in Sheffield City Centre.
We aim to:

  • provide yoga classes, massage training and workshops par excellence!

  • provide a unique space that is fully equipped for massage students, massage therapists, yoga teachers and other complementary health professionals;

  • provide a space where people can experience inspiring talks, workshops and events which increase awareness about how complementary therapies such as massage and yoga can help them stay healthy;

  • create a community that is aware and conscious of how all our actions affect the planet and which strives for minimal impact on the environment.



Another core value of ours is community. We would love our space to be a haven in the City Centre where you can begin to let go and to relax your mind and over-stimulated nervous system. A place where you can make friends with a wide variety of people, be exposed to new things, new ideas and get inspired!

A place where you can come home to yourself!