Our Yoga Classes

Here are the different yoga styles we offer at Mudra.


Early Vinyasa Flow With Meditation with Summer Rattigan

Enjoy sun salutations and a dynamic sequence of postures that will energise your week! This session finishes with a pranayama (breath practice) and a seated or lying meditation. Suitable for yogis looking for a dynamic vinyasa morning practice! Tuesdays

Gentle Hatha Yoga with Joanna Ferret

This class is aimed at the yogi who wants a more gentle, slow-paced, mindful Hatha class. You can come and enjoy breathing deeply and holding poses; almost using the class as a movement meditation. If you’ve walked in off the street and you’ve never done yoga before, if you did some yoga once, long ago but have forgotten how, if you’re returning to yoga following a long break from exercise or if you just want to see what all the fuss is about without any pressure to stand on your head or “look good” then this class is for you. Mondays

Grace & Grit with Gail Stephens

A deep and contemplative Yin Yoga practice, anchored into a slow balanced breath, where postures are held in stillness for a longer period of time, allowing us to release and come within; accepting change from the inside out, from the deep connective tissue, to the emotions, to the mind. Thursdays

Hatha Flow with Carly Mountain

A simple form of Hatha flow that aims to liberate the spine and reconnect us to the earth. Wednesdays

Managing Stress with Toby Oliver

Do you end the week on your knees? Stressed out by work, looking after your family or trying to do both? So tense and exhausted that you can't enjoy the weekend? If so, this class is especially for you. It consists of gentle Dru Yoga™, guided relaxations, stress-relieving breath work and very simple meditations. Sending you back to your desk feeling refreshed and with a smile on your face. 😊 Wednesdays

Mindfulness Yoga with Efua Uiterwijk

The class will be focussed on mindfulness yoga, how to take that off the mat and into other areas of life. Thursdays

Resonate & Reset with Muna Mcadie

A lunch time lie-down. A mind and body reset. A nourishing restorative practice for the weary, for the burnt-out frazzled workers, students and others who might benefit from deep rest in the middle of the day. Tuesdays

Vinyasa Flow with Joanna Ferret

This class is aimed at people who prefer a more dynamic moving class. We move slowly to start off with and break down the poses we are ‘flowing’ through, so this slow flow is suitable for beginners. The type of people who would enjoy this class are those who enjoy movement, especially beneficial for dancers who want to bring a fluid, strong, graceful energy to their performances; flowing with yoga is a dance in itself. Whilst the final flow section of class can be a faster pace, this is a very inclusive supportive environment where you can take any variation you need. Mondays

Vinyasa Flow with Summer Rattigan

This evening session will help you develop your postures and bring a deeper awareness to your movement, whilst connecting the mind, body and breath. You will enjoy stillness and relaxation through meditation and breathwork / pranayama - all in preparation for a good night’s sleep! Suitable for yogis looking for a dynamic vinyasa practice cushioned with breath work and relaxation. Tuesdays

Wellness Wednesdays with Susanna Grace

A midweek chance to press Pause, then refocus and recharge. Experience yourself becoming more spacious, resilient and present. A playful but deep exploration of muscle, mental and emotional tension drawing on traditional yoga practices blended with contemporary influences from Alexander Technique, neuroscience and somatic movement. No headstands or chanting. All ages and abilities welcome. Thoughtful Yoga for thinking people! Wednesdays

Worrier to Warrior with Gail Stephens

A blend of slow, graceful Hatha flow, longer holds and deep relaxation; working with the breath, mind and body allowing you to let go and find your breathing space, so that you feel calm, focused and energised. Wednesdays & Fridays

Yin Yoga with Victoria Nauen

Yin yoga is based on the Taoist concepts of yin and yang. Yin is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures that are held for long periods of time. Yin yoga poses aim to apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body, such as the tendons, fascia, and ligaments, with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Wednesdays