Massage @ Mudra

Massage Monkeys:

  • Massage Buzz at Mudra on Tuesdays 2pm to 5pm & Wednesdays 11.30am to 1.30pm

  • Can be also booked for corporate sessions

Massage Buzz are drop-in sessions for a 12 minute Seated Massage.

You can book a Massage Buzz session with the Massage Monkeys via our booking app. These are normally drop-ins but if you require a specific time slot then give us a call at 07306144488.

The session cost is £10 for 12 minutes.

Professional Clinics:

On alternate Fridays

Every alternate Friday the Professional Clinic comes to Mudra, with a range of 30 minute table massage treatments available.

Prebooking only - either through our booking app or by calling us on 07306144488.

The session cost is £20 per 30 minutes.

Our Therapists

Below are some of our regular therapists. Every therapist has trained with the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training.


Amber Ainsworth SCMT Dip MTI

I practice John F Barnes Myofascial Release and therapeutic/deep tissue massage to help clients find relief from physical and emotional pain and trauma.

I trained in JFB MFR in Illinois in July 2019 and this therapy is my primary modality, as I love its intuitive nature and the amazing healing that can be achieved in very little time. My intuitive approach, combined with my love of yoga and integrating reiki healing, equals a uniquely tailored treatment, every session.

For more information or to book your session please visit my website or call 07805 925571.


Caroline Bartram

Therapeutic Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Seated Massage (Tuesday Massage Buzz Sessions)